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dynamicWatch™ is the fastest and easiest way to find, import, create and download routes to your Garmin watch or Edge GPS, right from your phone or computer. We have four FREE Connect IQ apps for your Garmin:

dwMap™ lets you download and follow routes on your Vivoactive, Venu, Fenix, Forerunner or other Garmin watch (full list). It also has data fields for speed, distance, heart rate, etc, and records and syncs your activity to your Garmin Connect account. Learn more

routeCourse™ is for Garmin watches and Edge GPSes that have built-in support for maps and routes (like Fenix 5/6/7 and Forerunner 245/255/645/745/935/945/955, full list) and lets you easily create, import and download routes from your phone or computer to use with the built-in maps & activity features. Learn more

Rain and Wind™ is a Connect IQ data field for your Edge or watch (list) that combines real-time weather data with your planned route, to give you wind, rain and temperature looking ahead on your route. Learn more

mapField™ is a Connect IQ data field that lets you view your route on any data field page in the built-in Run, Bike or Hike app on your watch or Edge (list). Learn more

Designed for cyclists, runners and hikers, just install the free app on your device, and use the mobile-friendly dynamic.watch Planner to create routes, or import routes directly from Strava, Garmin Connect, Ride with GPS, MapMyRun & many more route websites.

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Shared Routes

Favorite Routes
Add Name Location Miles
3 Львів, 1.9
Morning Trail R Pinos Genil, AN 14.7
Moncada, Tos Pelat, Torre Bofilla, Trincheras Guerra Civil Moncada, VC 7.9
Lich Wochenendtour 4 Lich, HE 41.5
Upload , 32.5
40 Coxilha Passo Fundo, RS 24.2
Boucle de l'Aqueduc de Chaponost à l'Étang du Boulard Chaponost, ARA 3.9
Fara Sabina Fara in Sabina, 62 52.0
Comic Hill from Balmaha Glasgow, SCT 3.4
Tulp 14km Voorhout, ZH 8.7
Tulp 19km Voorhout, ZH 11.8
Chashel to Rowardennan Glasgow, SCT 9.0
Tulp 23km Voorhout, ZH 14.4
Rondje Kaag 34km Voorhout, ZH 21.1
östertälje -> hem Södertälje, AB 10.1
Milton Hiking Milton, ON 7.8
JPRD Waldenbuch, BW 7.5
Heerder Strand 14.2 Km Heerde, GE 8.8
Peña Galicia Valdepiélago, CL 4.4
c Villach do Sexten (Sesto) Villach, 2 104.5