Crumbs! lets you see at glance where you are on a simple map, on your Garmin Vivoactive, Vivoactive HR, Forerunner 230, 235, 630, 735XT, 920XT or Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR, D2 Bravo, D2 Bravo Titanium or Epix GPS watch.

Crumbs! screen

Crumbs! is a Connect IQ widget that offers some of the map display features of our more comprehensive dwMap route map watch app, but is just a simple swipe or button push away from your watch face. Widgets launch quickly, show you a small piece of information, then close again. When you open Crumbs! it will try to get a GPS signal and once it has a fix it will show your position and direction of travel, and add a breadcrumb every second to its map.

Crumbs! screen

Map points are only added while the widget is open, but the idea is that you can open the widget from time to time as you move and each time it will add a few more breadcrumbs, giving you a picture of where you have been. The first point saved, your start point perhaps, will be marked with a red square, and you can drop 9 more waypoints to mark places on your path.

Crumbs! screen

Again, a widget like Crumbs! can offer a convenient but limited map capability, and a much more feature-rich experience is offered by our dwMap watch app. dwMap lets you create routes using simple web-based tools and send them to your watch to view and follow. More information on dwMap.

The Crumbs! widget installs to your watch from the Garmin Connect IQ Store.
The Garmin software may tell you that you need to update your firmware, even when you think you have the latest version. In this case, undock your device and see if it installs new firmware that it has downloaded. Then redock the device and try installing our app again. Powering-off your device and back on again may also be necessary to get the new firmware installed and running. You can check what your device is actually running by going to Settings - System - About.
  • Check your watch manual for how to start a widget. On the Vivoactive for example you swipe left and right from your main (watch face) view to go through your widgets to the one you want.
  • When you open the widget it will try to get a GPS signal. If you have recently had the GPS on this will just take a few seconds, otherwise it may take a while. Widgets close after 15 seconds of inactivity. Hence, you may want to tap the screen or press a button every so often if you want to keep the widget open. While it is trying to get a GPS signal we've provided an 10 second inactivity countdown to remind you to keep the widget open.
  • Once the GPS has a fix it will show your current position and direction of travel with a blue arrow, and if this is the first point on the map it will put a red waypoint square here.
    North is "up" on the screen. The current latitude, longitude, elevation (in feet or meters) and map scale (in miles or km) are shown.
  • Now whenever you have the widget open it will add a breadcrumb dot to the map every second.
    It does not add points, nor does it keep the GPS on, when it is not visible.
    Your start point will remain shown as a red square, in case you need to find your way back to it.
    Crumbs! screen
  • You can add up to 9 more waypoint squares. To drop one at your current location:
    Crumbs! screen
  • To delete the last waypoint added, press the Menu button and choose Delete Last.
    To clear the map completely, including your start point, press the Menu button and choose Clear Map.
    (Hold the Up button for several seconds for the menu if your watch does not have a menu button.)
  • Crumbs! is intended to be a quick "location awareness" tool. Comprehensive route planning, mapping and activity recording for your Garmin watch is available in our popular dwMap Garmin watch app.

Crumbs! is intended to be a quick "location awareness" tool. Comprehensive route planning, mapping and sharing for your Garmin watch is available in our popular dwMap Garmin watch app. dwMap lets cyclists, runners and hikers download and follow a route map on their GPS watch. Use our simple yet powerful Route Planner to create and edit routes, with automatic routing along trails and roads, or import routes from popular sites like Strava, Garmin Connect, Ride with GPS and MapMyRun.

More information on dwMap.

dwMap is available from the Garmin Connect IQ store.